The Intro.

When I was younger I dreamed of living outside of the US – what that looked like, I didn’t know. Maybe it was similar to Alex’s experience in Megan Crane’s English as a Second Language — an angsty, booze-filled, literary grad school experience. Maybe it was just living my best life in Paris, looking chic in stripes and various red lipsticks while sipping wine in dark jazz cafes. Perhaps it could have been sitting on a balcony in Madrid, watching life go by while I continued my Spanish studies with a very attractive tutor…

Clearly, these were daydreams. Jobs didn’t exist in any of my plans.

The core of it was that I wanted to travel and, in 2013, I landed a job that allowed me to constantly do so – three months in Dubai, two weeks in Singapore, a week in Mexico City, a short stint in Toronto, a constant tour of offices in the States — I was on the road constantly, progressing personally and professionally. The dream of living outside the US started to fade as I now had what seemed to be the best of both worlds — I got to be on the road for months at a time, but always had a home base. I came back to the best of friends, the coziest of apartments, the bustle of a city with which I was familiar. It was comforting, I was happy, and life was good.

Dreams deferred, at times, have a way of reintroducing themselves. In May, after a few stints in our Asia Pacific region, I was offered a promotion that required me to move to Hong Kong. The younger version of myself squealed: wasn’t this what we always wanted to do? The current version of myself wasn’t as excited; instead, she was terrified — the passion, the impulsiveness of her younger self was missing and it seemed like an unnecessary shake-up.

I still can’t tell you why I accepted the promotion. I don’t know, but I did and, in the last few months of 2018, geared up for a move to Hong Kong…and here I am. The only question now is what’s next?

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