Seamore’s Nolita: All Talk, No Taco! (Or Lobster Roll, for that matter)


Seamore’s Nolita

It’s a balmy Friday afternoon in October, about 75 degrees — truly suns out, guns out weather. What better way to spend it than basking in the sun in Nolita? You grab one of your faves and wander over to Seamore’s, hyping up its fish tacos and cool scene.

You sit down at a table near the window enjoying the sun and slight breeze, then you get down to business ordering the fish tacos. Your partner in crime, upon the recommendation of the server, orders the lobster roll.

And. I meeeeaaaaaaaannnnnnn…..

How is this place rated so highly? HOW?! HOW?!

The fried fish tacos with kale, guacamole and a chipotle aioli were dry — DRY. Their guac is no more than a slight smear on the tortilla, the aioli drizzled lightly; however, this fish was fried to its second death. Condiments couldn’t help them. As for the lobster roll? I don’t think A has come across a lobster roll she couldn’t eat — who doesn’t get excited at the thought lightly buttered/dressed lobster inside a toasted buttery roll? Welp, folks, don’t carry that excitement here — the lobster roll was served in tough, large chunks with none of the joy of the lobster rolls from Luke’s or Ed’s Lobster Joint. The best part of these meals? The potatoes, both fried and baked — done perfectly, and their hot sauce which I desperately drizzled on the tacos. This was bomb. The guacamole starter is great as well.

                                       Lunch at Seamore’s — stay away from the fish tacos and lobster roll


Get this and a glass of wine instead!


Janelle, you say, was there anything positive about your experience there? Of course! They have a wicked happy hour with $6 glasses of wine. So there’s that. Should you have the experience that we had, then please know that it is very easy to drink it all away. The service was

I have never been so annoyed by food. EVER.

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