Hair over the last six months

Let’s talk about hair, baby…

<In the tune of Salt N Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex>

Let’s talk about hair, baby
Let’s talk about wigs and weaves
Let’s talk about all the oils and the lotions I may need
Let’s talk aboooouuuttt hair
Let’s talk about hair!


Anyone who has known me for any amount of time knows that I love hair. ALL hair. Wigs, weaves, braids, cuts, twists, natural, long, short – I love it all. While living in New York, all these styles were accessible to me. I could run to the beauty supply store at any time and pick up a quick ponytail or 27 piece and be my own personal version of Ariana Grande or Josephine Baker within a couple of minutes. In these moments, you can’t tell me ANYTHING:


Y’all…I’m a lazy natural. I love my texture, don’t get it twisted (hee!), but if I’m doing my hair myself, the style better not require any more than 10 minutes, five bobby pins and an ounce of water. The only time I invest a work shift in this hair on my own is wash day. When I get tired of that, this mop gets cut. That’s why mine gets braided up, weaved up, wigged up on the regular. New York was supportive, New York was like “I got you”.

Hong Kong, though? Hong Kong is on some other ish? I arrived, arms and scalp open, ready to change the game. Open to new hair, new styles, new techniques, whatever my new city wanted to offer me and do you know what she said??

NO. She said no.


Y’ALL. We have one wig store and, while there are some I can use, most of these wigs require baby powder and yaki-textured prayers. HK’s beauty supply stores don’t sell anything I can use for these strands. As for protective styles, there are two braiders – one thinks we’re Beyonce and wants to charge us a million a braid while the other charges a thousand a braid but seems to use the hair the barbers in sweep off the floor. My heart can’t take it!

The lazy natural in me is taking vitamins and trying to find the energy to devote to twist sets, new headwraps, as well as learn to cornrow and crochet (braids, not scarves). She is starting to order hair from Amazon and Ali Express but, inside, she cries for her ponytails being only a five-minute walk away.

For all those lazy naturals out there, what are your go-to hairstyles? Help your girl out!

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