A launch, courtesy of the WWE.

Nothing to do with WWE.
Nothing to do with WWE…just an introduction to my face.

I spent all day on my couch, wrapped in a blanket, watching all of the 2011 WWE Pay-Per-Views and the following Monday Night Raw episodes. I’ve again become obsessed with CM Punk and pipe bombs.

…that’s what inspired this launch.

When I was 18, I graduated telling everyone I was going to be the next Barbara Walters – no—the next Oprah.  I was going to have my own show and become a somewhat celebrated actress in my own right (The Women of Brewster Place is STILL one of my favorite miniseries!).

What I really wanted? I wanted to be the female, one-woman version of WWF’s (now WWE) Degeneration X. I wanted to fly high like X-Pac, have the mat skills of HHH and Shawn Michaels, the charisma of Road Dogg (without those horrible, horrible dance moves) and the sheer presence of Chyna.

I don’t know what happened to that dream, to be honest. It’s probably for the best.

While I clearly indulge that old interest now and then (more often than I care to admit), I have developed new passions, new hobbies. I no longer look to escape by watching moonsaults from the top rope. Instead, I now look forward to my next flight, my next destination. I’m obsessed with discovering new restaurants, new bars. My happy place is 125th Street surrounded by wigs and tracks. And on Saturday nights?  You will now most likely find me in bed with a book.

….aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddd that’s what this space is for.

This was originally geared to be a travel and food blog…and it could still very well be that. I have no idea. I probably should have sat down and figured out exactly what I wanted to accomplish with my own little corner of the net but, honestly, I’ve owned this domain for two years. If I don’t launch SOMETHING now, it’s not going to happen.

So…let’s just see where this ends up?


(Featured image from El Comercio)

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