A Book and Some Breakfast: The Experience Passport


Book: Experience Passport: 45 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons
Breakfast: Spam and onions over rice
Date: January 9, 2018
Time: 9:00am-ish
Sounds: The Weekend – Funk Wav Remix by SZA (not appropriate AT ALL)

First, focus on the book! Don’t come for my breakfast.

Fine. FINE. Let’s talk about the breakfast cause I KNOW it looks unappealing, but it was delicious and I am not ashamed.

When I was little, my mom experimented with food. One of those experiments was a Spam, onion, rice combination. Little did she know that, though she and my family left this processed meat behind, her experiment would ignite a love of Spam that would last a long time. Fast forward to last night, I reeeeeeaaaallllyyyy craved Spam fried rice. So I bought the Spam and an onion only to get home and remember “You have no groceries, son!”, so that Spam fried rice dream ended up being a back to basics, experimental meal.

ANYWAYS. Onto the book!

Book: Experience Passport by Alex Egner

I don’t set resolutions because I have no desire to start the year lying to myself. My only focus is to step out my comfort zone, to continue to try new things. This year, I challenged my parents to do the same. Enter the book, Experience Passport: 45 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons.

Alex Egner, a professor at the University of North Texas, originally created this to give his students ideas on how to step outside the box, using 45 “creative prompts”–learning to play a song on an instrument, learning various culinary cuts and going a week without a cell phone (eek!) are just a few.  After completing one, you earn your passport stamp for that one (I mean, you can just take it but what’s the point in cheating??)

I’m a week behind in this challenge — as there are 45 exercises, it should take approximately 8 days to complete each one.


Using Google’s number generator*, I chose my first idea this morning: #12:

Mail a handwritten letter to each of the following: your favorite author, musician, actor, and business establishment. What is is you admire about each one of them. 

Let me just say — the musician WON’T BE BEYONCE. LEAVE ME ALONE.

I won’t write about every one of these, but I figured the first one was a good start. I’ll report back on the letters shortly, seeing that I am FOREVER late sending things in the mail. Either way, I’m excited to challenge myself with the activities in this book.

Did you set any resolutions? Why or why not?



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