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Post Soundtrack: Nobody Wants to be Lonely – Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin Lonely, but never alone. This, if you let it, can sum up the Hong Kong experience. One could casually say that it’s easy to make friends here and, depending on your definition of friendship, this could be true. HK doesn’t suffer the

<In the tune of Salt N Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex> Let’s talk about hair, baby Let’s talk about wigs and weaves Let’s talk about all the oils and the lotions I may need Let’s talk aboooouuuttt hair Let’s talk about hair! HAIR IN HONG KONG Anyone who has known me for any amount of

Friends and family might remember, either from Facebook or Insta, that I left New York in September to relocate to Hong Kong in October. Despite arriving in  October, I’ve only lived in Hong Kong officially since January. “HOW SWAY?” The First 90 Days The first three months in Hong Kong were, for lack of a

When I was younger I dreamed of living outside of the US – what that looked like, I didn’t know. Maybe it was similar to Alex’s experience in Megan Crane’s English as a Second Language — an angsty, booze-filled, literary grad school experience. Maybe it was just living my best life in Paris, looking chic